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You might think it’s because they’re feeling sick or want to throw up but that’s not always the case. Sure, if they are also drooling and licking their lips they probably feel sick. It’s ok for them to eat a little grass but don’t let them eat too much. It usually doesn’t help them and their poops can be difficult after. Instead, try to give your dog some slippery elm with some yoghurt or kefir that’s full of probiotics when they are feeling like this.

If your dog is calm and not showing any signs of being sick there are usually two main reasons for grass eating:

👉 LACK OF NUTRIENTS: A simple reason might be that they are looking for extra nutrients that their body needs. Dogs are super in-tune with their body (like most animals) and will seek out things that they need like clay, mud, grass or even animal poop. These all contribute with important nutrients that your dog might not feel they get enough in their food. If your dog does this, try adding some fresh food to your dog’s bowl every day. This will help their gut stay healthy and hopefully the grass eating will disappear.

👉 STRESS: A stressed dog will sometimes use eating as a coping mechanism. They channel their energy in to eating grass and loads of other things instead. So, making sure the walk is calm from the start makes this so much easier. And you know what? I have the PERFECT game for you to start your walk calmly. It’s called “the sniff and walk game” and you can have it for FREE if you want? 😊

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