Over the last decade I have developed a unique method that will calm your dog from the inside out. I don’t do obedience because behaviour always has a deeper root. Your dog doesn’t choose to be naughty, he is just feeling scared or frustrated and he can’t help it.

My approach centres around four essential cornerstones, each playing a crucial role in creating a stress-free, confident, and content dog that can become the family dog of your dreams!

My unique approach:

The 4 Cornerstones of Calmnesss

this will chnage everything!

Do you ever feel like you are doing so well with your dog’s behaviour training and then something happens that takes you back to zero again? This keeps going on and on. It feels like you are pounding your head against the wall because it’s not working.

I’m here to tell you that there is another way. This is my secret sauce and the one thing that no one else does. A stress detox.

Imagine a world where you understand precisely why your dog becomes stressed, can identify early signs, and possess the tools to help them find calm. This isn't just training; it's a transformative journey toward a harmonious bond with your dog.

More                  isn’t the answer! It's time for some new tactics!


CORNERSTONE #1 - Stress management

My clients say that this the part they LOVE. 

All training is of course 100% force free!

Have you noticed a shift in your once cheerful pup's behaviour, transforming into a barking and lunging ball of nerves? Perhaps your dog has always been on the shy and nervous side, approaching new people and sounds with suspicion.

If you've witnessed moments of fear, anxiety, or reactivity in your dog, it's time to boost your dog’s optimism. Building your dog's confidence is the key to helping them view life through a more positive lens. By instilling a sense of assurance, your dog learns to trust that not everyone is a potential threat.

Life is full of wonders, and with a confidence boost, your dog can experience the joy in it too. Let's work together to bring out the optimistic side of your dog so you can enjoy the world together!

Time to build your dog's 



Ever find yourself doing everything by the book, but your dog’s issues won’t budge? If you’ve already done a stress detox, the missing link might just be within - I’m talking about your dog's gut health. It's a crucial aspect that, if overlooked, can stop your training success in its tracks.

Did you know that 90% of the calming hormone serotonin is found in the gut That's why when it comes to stress, diet is a cornerstone for success!

Let's               your dog from the inside out for a calm life.

your dog from the inside out for a calm life.



Ever found yourself puzzled by your dog's eagerness to approach things that make them nervous? Or have you experienced the frustration of a recall that seems to vanish when you most need it?

The missing link might be disengagement—a crucial skill for both nervous and excitable dogs.

Disengagement is the art of being indifferent in the face of triggers. Imagine a quick glance followed by a return to peaceful sniffing and strolling—that's the goal!

Does this seem unachievable? Don’t worry—I'm here to guide you through every step, transforming your dog from staring to not caring!

Let's teach your dog to go from staring to               

not caring


If you keep doing the same things you are doing now, in a year there will be no change.

Through the unique combination of these 4 cornerstones you will uncover the secrets to a life where stress fades away, confidence blooms, health thrives, and your dog becomes the calm and content companion you've always envisioned.


Let's get started!



Ulrika is fantastically knowledgeable! Pleasant, educational, calm, positive and treats the dogs with such respect. In these few weeks, we have already come further than all the other trainers have taken us.

"I recommend Ulrika to anyone with a reactive or insecure dog."


I am so happy that I chose to contact you in particular, and really want to emphasize how important this has been for me, but above all for Noah. I have appreciated that you really work with the basics; no quick fixes, but you really get to grips with the underlying causes of the problems. If I compare Noah now and last fall, first of all his rest is of higher quality, which has changed EVERYTHING we do.


"He has become SIGNIFICANTLY calmer on the walk, getting a better quality rest and has become more confident.”


Ulrika is a great girl who in a simple and educational way explains the dog’s but also our behavior and the consequences it has in everyday life. We have found each other and created a bond now between us and our furry friend on a level we might not have found otherwise. Highly recommend Ulrika and her way of helping dog owners!”

“Nino is doing really well, he is like a different dog now. We are so happy ."



- Mia

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