Ulrika is a highly educated and knowledgeable professional who helped us understand our anxious, hyper-vigilant rescue on so many new levels. We didn't just learn what we can do around other dogs on walks, we learned about our dog's diet, sleeping patterns, impulse control, and much more. "

"I can warmly recommend Ulrika's services to anyone with a reactive dog.


This could be you....


She has helped us attain a healthy and harmonious relationship with Kosmos and he is now happy, relaxed and living his life as a confident doggo. We wholeheartedly recommend Ulrika's method! Her wisdom has changed our lives and we couldn't be more grateful!

"Working with Ulrika was the BEST thing we’ve done for Kosmos and for our little family.


I am so truly grateful for all the advice and guidance you’ve given us! I can’t believe how quick this progress has been, and of course today may have been just a good day but what a difference it makes! I’m so proud of both of them. “ 

“We had such a lovely stress free walk this morning!! Despite seeing multiple dogs at a distance.

winnie & wolfgang



- Lina

Ulrika is fantastically knowledgeable! Pleasant, educational, calm, positive and treats the dogs with such respect. In these few weeks, we have already come further than all the other dog trainers have taken us.

"I recommend Ulrika to anyone with a reactive or insecure dog."


I am so happy that I chose to contact you in particular, and really want to emphasize how important this has been for me, but above all for Noah. I have appreciated that you really work with the basics; no quick fixes, but you really get to grips with the underlying causes of the problems. If I compare Noah now and last fall, first of all his rest is of higher quality, which has changed EVERYTHING we do.


"He has become SIGNIFICANTLY calmer on the walk, getting a better quality rest and has become more confident.”


Ulrika is a great girl who in a simple and educational way explains the dog’s but also our behavior and the consequences it has in everyday life. We have found each other and created a bond now between us and our furry friend on a level we might not have found otherwise. Highly recommend Ulrika and her way of helping dog owners!”

“Nino is doing really well, he is like a different dog now. We are so happy ."



- Mia


I have already recommended this to several dog owners who have said they are experiencing problems with their dogs.

"You quickly see results and feel that you are finally on the right track!”



We have been making small progress with Obi and his reactivity but in the last few weeks I have really started to see big progress. Today Obi had his best dog meeting ever!
I really just wanted to say thank you for all the help I received through your online course. I have learned so much and am so proud of Obi!

"in the last few weeks I have really started to see big progress."



I have had private coaching with Ulrika and I’m incredibly impressed with both her competence and pedagogy. Great set-up and perfect with recorded videos to watch between meetings. Got a great toolbox to take with us to deal with stress and reactivity. Lots of bonus knowledge too! Highly recommend!

"incredibly impressed with both her competence and pedagogy."


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