Are you on the verge of losing all hope? Have you cried about your dog’s behaviour this week? Let me first tell you that you are not alone and it is NOT YOUR FAULT!
You just need a new perspective and a tried-and-tested step-by-step guide. This is what I do best and with my coaching and courses I've got your back.

Coaching and Courses for stressed dogs

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HEre's how I can help:

None of these methods are working on the underlying emotion behind the behaviour. If you change the feeling you change the behaviour. Simple as that! And with a little stress management you also make sure all those amazing new behaviours we are trying to teach your dog actually stick. If you're anything like me, you need help to take your training to the next level. You need someone to give you a system that works.
Welcome to my holistic calming method of coaching!

Have you been told to get your dog to sit, stay or even punish the behaviour? 
Sadly, this doesn’t help. Here's why!

Empowering you with all the tools you need to calm your dog from the inside. 

Diet and supplements

Easy games to build your dog's self-control and calm their frustration.

Impulse control & flexibility

Building confidence and optimism with easy games you can do at home. 

confidence traning

Get a calm and confident dog with my easy stress-busting formula. 

stress management



I don’t do obedience because stress always has a deeper root than disobedience. Your dog doesn’t choose to be naughty, he is just feeling scared or frustrated and he can’t help it. With my methods I can show you how to calm your dog and build his confidence, without having to spend hours every day exercising him to the point of exhaustion. Your dog doesn’t need more, he needs to learn how to do less, and that’s my expertise.

I have been through this battle and I know how to get you to the other side. That’s why I love helping all of you amazing dog mums achieve a calm and happy life with your dogs.
I’ve got you!

Let me help you create a               
         for you and your dog.

Let me help you create a                           life for you and your dog.




You are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work

You want to be guided by me every step of the way

You want live feedback on your training

You need a streamlined fluff-free plan

Coaching is for you if...


If you want to start right now, I will show you the ropes in my online courses. Here I will give you all the tools and strategies you need to help your dog become an awesome companion! With easy access in my brand new app you can do training on the go. Learn and have fun with your dog at the same time! So, grab a cup of tea, put that blanket om your knees and dive in to the course library!

I’ve created a range of courses that will get you started on that journey from stressful to                                               TODAY. 

I’ve created a range of courses that will get you started on that journey from stressful to                       TODAY. 




This was the reason why I chose to work with you. If I compare Noah now and last fall, first of all his rest is of higher quality, which has changed EVERYTHING we do. 

"I have appreciated that you really work with the basics; no quick fixes, but you really get to grips with the underlying causes of the problem." 

On helping her reactive dog noah


Ulrika is fantastically knowledgeable! Pleasant, educational, calm, positive and treats the dogs with such respect.
I recommend Ulrika to anyone with a reactive or insecure dog.

"In these few weeks, we have already come further than all the training other trainers has taken us."

on Helping her nervous dog Bailey



you both

the dream life



It's never too late


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