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3 quick checks to see if your dog’s raw food is complete


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If you’re on the raw feeding journey, you’re already making a fantastic choice for your stressed dog. But the scary truth is that raw food companies can tell you their food is “complete and balanced” without having to uphold to any standards. They can throw together rice and meat and say it’s serving all your dog’s needs… but that’s obviously not true.

That’s why I have some tricks up my sleeve that will reveal if your raw food actually is balanced or not.

Here are three crucial ingredients to look for:

Iodine Check:

Iodine is needed to regulate your dog’s thyroid hormones, but it is often overlooked as an ingredient in raw dog food! If the label doesn’t explicitly mention kelp (most common source) or a specific iodine supplement, it might not be as complete as you think.

Vitamin-E Check:

Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant in the body, regulates immune function and much more. Scan the ingredients for lots of sunflower seeds, almonds, or a dedicated supplement (the most common). If these aren’t present, you might want to contact them and ask about this important vitamin.

Copper Check:

This important nutrient is often sourced from liver, but what many manufacturers seem to do is to include chicken or pork liver BUT there’s only enough copper in beef liver or lamb liver. That’s why these livers or a copper supplement should always be included in your dog’s food.

If your dog’s food is unbalanced, don’t panic!

Contact the manufacturer and ask what sources they are providing for these nutrients and if they won’t answer it’s time to switch. Do these checks on any food you consider feeding and don’t be afraid to ask. A good raw food company should happily answer your questions.

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