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Increasing your dog’s confidence doesn’t have to be difficult!

There’s a common belief that if your dog is nervous around, say for example kids, the only way to increase your dog’s confidence is to train around kids. NOT true! 👎

Let’s take a human example to make this a bit easier to understand.

Someone who is doing sky diving for the first time has not build the confidence they have to do this by jumping out of planes. No, they have a mix of two types of confidence.

1️⃣ Born confidence. Sad, but true, some of us are just born more confident and the same is true for dogs.

2️⃣ Learned confidence. This is when you have overcome many smaller struggles or limiting beliefs in your life and each of those built your confidence a little every time.

Same is true for your dog, but putting them in front of the thing that scares them the most might wreck the confidence they have if they feel panicked or out of control. This can make them even worse. Just like it would if you took a student who wasn’t ready for sky diving up in the plane. This is called flooding and it can really cause harm.

So how do we build your dog’s confidence without the risk of taking it too far?

Simple! Set up new and strange experiences in your home and let your dog investigate. Below is one example but you can use anything that your dog is a little nervous about. Let him explore in his own pace and put food around the item to help it become a positive experience.

Have a great time building your dog’s confidence!

Ulrika x

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