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Is your dog barely looking at you outside? Let’s inject some fun into your walks! 🥳🕺

If you want more focus from your dog, well then you have to be more fun. Sorry! 🫣

A simple “good boy/girl” or a boring dry treat isn’t enough for most dogs when they have 1 million smells to smell and 5 thousand things to watch. All of which are more fun than you.

You’re like a grandma wanting to be invited to the teenage rave. It’s just not going to happen. 🙈

So, how do we make YOU more fun for your dog? By being more unpredictable and bringing the party to your dog. It needs to be worth it to look at you… and it will be once you have implemented the surprise reward game! 🕺

This game turns you into a slot machine where your dog can win the jackpot if he just looks at you a little more often. I’ll explain all in my video so check it out! 👇

This game can be done with treats or a toy, just remember that a toy will bring more energy so you might have to help your dog calm down by giving them a scatter feed afterwards.

You don’t have to have your dog off lead, like in the video. This works just as well on lead.

Don’t do this around other dogs because chances are that the other dogs might think you are more fun than their own owner, which means they’ll want to join the party.

Have fun and play around with this focus game!

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