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Do you have more than one dog?
I get it. It is hard to walk multiple dogs if one, or more are reactive.

Years ago when Stella was still around it was a nightmare!

Stella was reactive to dogs and Bruce to people, so it felt like we couldn’t go anywhere.
One day I had had enough and decided to implement more separate walks so I could have full focus on the dog I was walking.

I’m not going to lie, it was HARD in the beginning. I left Stella at home with a Kong and when I was leaving the house with Bruce I heard the howls and barks from Stella. And bear in mind, neither of them ever had separation issues. But still… It was hard. So the first time I just walked out the door and in again. And kept doing this every day for a few weeks. Slowly but surely they adapted and started eating their Kongs and stayed calm. I increased the time slowly and finally they couldn’t care less if I walked the other dog without them.

This changes EVERYTHING because now I could focus on the dog in front of me and make sure I set up the walk so he/she would succeed. An added bonus was that both dogs became more flexible. Stella hurt her back one time and had to stay home, resting for 3 weeks and me going for walks with Bruce, leaving her at home didn’t bother her because we had practised this very thing.

I know it will be hard in the beginning, but separate walks are AMAZING for your dogs’ flexibility and yours and your dog’s stress levels, so I would really consider it if you have a multi-dog household and your dogs do not have separation anxiety.

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