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For years I thought my vet knew best. I mean you pay good money to go there and they pull and poke at your dog so if they say they’re not in pain they’re not, right? Your dog is not limping so they must be fine, surely?

Sadly that’s not always true. Physical discomfort doesn’t have to lead to limping. Just look at yourself.. you probably have had issues with your back or neck at some point and that didn’t mean you started limping right? The body is more than legs, but I believed vets knew everything for a long time. 

But it all changed when I read a study that showed that of those who came to a vet clinic and reported behaviour issues 25 – 80% were in some kind of pain or discomfort. Reactivity is a huge red flag for physical discomfort, and the reactions themselves, when your dog is lunging as hard as they can on the lead, will probably also take a toll on their body and muscles. 🤯

So what can you do to help your dog stay as healthy as possible? 

  • An x-ray or ultrasound is the most expensive action but will give you clear answers. 
  • Your vet can put your dog on a short period of pain meds to see if behaviour improves. I only recommend this if you are quite sure they are in pain and if they are, it needs to be followed by more invasive procedures. 
  • See a physiotherapist for a check up and get personalised muscle building exercises – my recommendation for ALL dog owners. 

If you are quite sure your dog is in pain, you should see the vet. But if you just want a second opinion and some help and guidance, physiotherapists are amazing and they will help you restore muscles and prevent injury. 

So go and find a fysio, and get in touch with them today.

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